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"Is the Gel Blaster Surge XL the Ultimate Choice for Battle Royale?"

My child is an Alpha generation what does this mean? Well typically they were born at a time when technological devices are getting smarter, everything is connected, and the physical and digital worlds are coming together. They typically spend more time on screens than all other generations put together. So as a parent of an Alpha generation child it’s important to get in screen-free time.

Often it can be tricky to pry my child away from a screen to go out on a walk or family adventure. He would much rather sit at home playing on his game’s consoles, Fortnite being a constant favourite at the moment! So what better way than to merge the two fresh-air and screen free time whilst engaging him in something he loves!

Gel Blaster Surge XL: A review!

The Packaging!

Now most of you will have already read our review of the Gel Blaster Surge and let me tell you they were awesome! (if you haven’t read it hit the link here)

So when we were asked to review the Gel Blaster Surge XL (Day ’n Night Edition) we jumped at the chance! You can read this review now…


A little bit of Information about the Gel Blaster Surge…

Aged 14+

Let battle commence with this Gel Blaster Surge XL Day 'N' Nite. It comes with 10,000 water based Gellets that dissolve after impact, which means tons of fun and zero mess or residue. Whether you're going for precision shots or all-out carnage, the semi and fully automatic blast modes guarantee a thorough soaking for your opposition. And with burst fire mode, you can fire 3 rounds at once - perfect for those long-range onslaughts.

Good to know.

  • Get up to 4 hours of playing time on a single charge via a USB-C cable - those water fights in the garden just got a lot more epic.


  • Store 1000 Gellets in the hopper and forget about running out of ammo every few minutes.


  • Each Gellet is all-natural and non-toxic so they're nice and safe for kids and pets.


  • The coloured fins can be swapped out for different colours (sold separately) for team battles.


  • It comes with safety glasses so there won't be any nasty accidents on the battlefield.


  • The Starfire Activator lets you fire glow in the dark gellets for epic nighttime battles.



What we thought about the Surge xl

Mason was so excited to receive this, not only has he got two Surge Blasters he now has a surge blaster xl! That’s one blaster for each of us so now we can truly test them out.

The box is bright, colourful and engaging. It instantly draws you in and you want to know more! Which is good because the back of the box shows you exactly what you will be getting in a fun and interesting way.

Surge Blaster xl
Hiding in the bushes!

It is worth noting that this requires some set up time if you require more gellets than the standard 1,000 that comes already prepared in the hopper. – The gellets take roughly around 2 hours to get to size and all you need is a bucket of water! The blasters will need charging, and will last approximately 4 hours on a single charge, which is great!

We decided that we would need extra gellets for our “battle royale” so we used the 10,000 gellet pack that came with the blaster and popped them in a Tupperware tub for ease of reloading during our playtime!

When all the set up was complete we headed to our local riverside park, it’s excellent for playing games such as this as it has large playing fields and a wooded area to hide and jump out on opponents, if this doesn’t take you families fancy though you can buy a Gel Blaster Portal from Curry’s for £49.99.

The Battle Royale: Surge Blasters and Surge Blaster xl!

Armed with three blasters we had Dad and Dadda with a Gel Blaster surge each and Mason with the Gel Blaster Surge XL we prepared, safety goggles are a must (and come with the blasters)

We gave each other 30 seconds to run and hide and then the game commenced. Dad and Dadda were clearly outmatched against the Xl purely for the different blasting modes that the Xl has. Semi -Automatic (single fire), 3-shot burst and fully automatic or rapid fire!

It is worth mentioning that we had to halt the “battle” purely for the fact that the XL has a blast of 250 FPS (feet per second) and it was very strong, so was quite stingy on the old bodies!  We turned it down to about half power which was roughly the same fire power as the surge blaster, and then we resumed the match.

We played for roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes and both types of blasters held up both in gellets and battery life. We could have gone on for longer but us oldies were absolutely shattered, and Mason was flagging a lot, probably because he absolutely annihilated us on the battlefield!

It’s safe to say that this is definitely a popular item in our house and we will be purchasing the Gel Blaster Portal as soon as possible for a more relaxed play!


Child’s View

I absolutely loved this! It’s very big and very powerful, the gellets hurt when we first had it on full power but when we had turned it down it was fine just a little sting to let you know you’d been shot. I can’t wait until we can play at night for the glow in the dark gellets!

Rules of Dadding rating

Rules of Dadding Rating 5 Stars!


Where to buy the Gel Blaster Surge XL

You can buy the Gel Blaster Surge XL at Curry's RRP £119.99

Click the link below to find out more!

Fancy Reading our review of the Surge Blaster?


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