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Adoptive parenting is just like any other kind of parenting...

except when it isn't.

This blog will be nothing like all the other parenting blogs...

except when it is.


This blog is a list of rules we've learned, stories we've been part of, and experiences we've shared in the exploits and adventures of becoming adoptive dads.​

The only rules to parenting are...
there are no rules.
Except for the rules that you make for yourself...
and the rules about child safety...
especially the rule that says you must keep the child alive...
and the really important rule about loving the child... 
Oh! and the rule about not mentioning fight club.
But apart from those rules...
there are no rules.
These are our rules.

About Us


Lee (Dadda)

Lee has worked for over 15 years as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant. He is a Cub Leader and a keen Actor and Performer. He writes Children and Family Theatre shows and is a Founding Father and Company Director of Little Gargoyle Ltd, an international awarded production company which focusses on Murder Mysteries and Family Theatre.


He is also a Company Director of Foul Play Games. Recently he has been enjoying writing the blog and focussing on his Children's book!

Lee is more of the messy play and creative of the two Dads!

Ben (Dad)

Ben has worked for over15 years as the head of Little Gargoyle Ltd, a production company that specialises in Murder Mysteries and Family Theatre. 

He is a writer and has written for Newspapers, theatre and publication.

Ben writes all the Murder Mysteries for After Dark Murder Mysteries. 

He is a Company Director of Foul Play Games and is currently in the process of writing a new book (shhhhh don't tell anyone)

Ben is the more adventurous of the two dads, you'll find him climbing up a mountain or going through a river


Mason (Monkey)

Mason Is 8 Going on 13! 

He is very creative and loves going on adventures. 

He plays the Piano and Guitar and loves all things musical. His current favourites are Imagine Dragons and George Ezra.

Mason is a Cub having gone through Beavers pretty much through Lockdown, he is excited to get out and do things. 

Mason is also creative and is in the process of managing his own game through Foul Play Games, so watch this space!

Mason loves art and going on adventures especially if there is water involved!

Mischief (The Cat) 

Mischief also known as Mee-Mee, Mistle and Mistlechief is our cute and adorable Cat!

Mischief is also Adopted (Ben is the odd one out)

He loves belly strokes and treats.

He likes to have a very energetic morning and then snoozes during the day. 

He always greets everyone at the door on their return from work/school and woe betide you if you do not acknowledge him as soon as you get in. 

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