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"Unleash Your Creativity with Style 4ever Scrapbooking Station: A Must-Have for mini Crafting Enthusiasts!"

If your child is anything like ours they will absolutely love crafting, making things out of nothing, creating stickers and using loads of notepads for journals, doodles, drawings and playing imaginatively.

Then have we got a kit for you...

Style 4ever scrapbooking station!

A little from the company about it

The must-have kit for crafting your own unique scrapbooks and creating trendy customisations for all your favourite accessories. Enjoy hours of creative fun and kick-start your creations with the notebook included. With features such as embossing paper, colouring and designing stickers, creating and customising sticky tapes, and with over 150 accessories included, you'll have everything you need to unleash your creativity and bring your scrapbooking ideas to life.

Includes Scrapbooking 3-in-1 Station 1 Notebook 2 Embossing moulds Sticker sheet Glitter gems & glitter glue 4 Marker pens Textured & patterned papers Tapes & stickers rolls Stencils, glue & stamps Instruction sheet.


Our Thoughts

This kit is easily built and comes with full colour instructions. Its bright and eye-catching and our 9-year-old was thrilled when we showed him it. It comes with so many things, 150 accessories, to be precise! We couldn’t decide where to start so we just let him go wild.

Heres some of the things that it comes with

·        A notebook/ scrapbook

·        Stickers

·        Tape

·        Pens

·        Glitter glue

·        Embossing station

·        Printed decorative sheets

·        Stickers to colour (a sticker colouring station)


Within minutes his name was embossed and stickered on the front of the notepad and he was embossing his first sheet with the word WOW!


This kit kept him entertained for hours and he didn’t want to put it away, which is a very good thing especially with our child who has a very limited attention span.

One of the good things is that its practically mess free. There is glitter glue that needs some monitoring but with the handy station there is a compartment for all of the accessories, meaning it can quite easily sit on his desk in his room and he can use it at his leisure.


We, as a family have had so many crafting sets, that have lasted a few days but this one is still going after 2 weeks!!


Parent opinion

Brilliant! It’s amazing to see our son just crafting away, and using his imagination to decorate his notebook and he’s even started decorating his Cubs homework!!


Child’s Opinion

Its really good, my favourite part is the embossing machine. It’s very clever!

Rules of Dadding Rating

5 golden stars
5 stars!!!


Style 4ever's scrapbooking station is available to buy for £20.99 at Smyths. Click the logo to buy!

This blog post was originally created for Parenting without Tears


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