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Gel Blaster Surge! - A review

In a world of Video games and first-person shooter games that children are obsessed with it’s good to get them out of the house. What better way to stop the “I don’t want to go out” than to combine the 2 things they love!

A Little bit of information…

Aged 14+

Let battle commence with this Gel Blaster Surge. It comes with 10,000 water based Gellets that dissolve after impact, which means tons of fun and zero mess or residue. Whether you're going for precision shots or all-out carnage, the single and fully automatic blast modes guarantee a thorough soaking for your opposition. And you get up to 4 hours of playing time on a single charge via a USB-C cable - those water fights in the garden just got a lot more epic. Specifications - Store 800 Gellets in the hopper and forget about running out of ammo every few minutes - Each Gellet is all-natural and non-toxic so they're nice and safe for kids and pets - The coloured fins can be swapped out for different colours (sold separately) for team battles - It comes with safety glasses so there won't be any nasty accidents on the battlefield - Want to add a little more sting? Adjust the strength of the shots from 90 FPS all the way up to 170 FPS

What we thought

Mason was so excited when he opened the box for the Gel Blaster Surge and even more to see that we’d been sent two so that we could have son vs dad battles!

The packaging is exciting and vibrant and full of all the information you need to get going.

It took around 2 hrs to charge with a USB-C Fast charging wire that comes with the Blaster.

We wanted to test out the 800 Gellets before we made up a bucket of the 10,000 extra that came with it.

The box comes with easy to use instructions, another barrel that improves velocity, a barrel tool and safety goggles, which is fantastic!

I think in anything like this teaching of how to safely use the blasters is important

The blasters have two functions, single fire and rapid fire which fires 10 gellets a second!!

What can I say from the moment we showed Mason the box he was obsessed with and he didn’t stop, 800 gellets lasted us around 40 minutes especially running round the forest hiding and trying to sneak up on one another. When getting hit with the gellets, yes it stings a little but because you are having so much fun you stop noticing it after a while, and Mason had his winter Gillet on so he had extra padding!!!

I would imagine if you were in a garden setting having the 10.000 gellets in a bucket ready to quickly refill would be an amazing thing and you probably wouldn’t get bored either!

Child's View

Mason absolutely loved it and no sooner did the 800 gellets run out he was asking for refills!. I asked him what he thought the cost of the Blaster was and he said “Something this good must be worth £100 at least!” so at £59.95 it's a bargain.

I can see that the Blasters will be high up on all children's Christmas lists this year and I love the fact you can customise and buy additions for a more personalised approach.

Parents View

We try on a regular basis to get Mason out of the house, to go off on adventures and walks, now it has become a lot easier! Screen time was not asked for once and that to me is priceless and to be honest we had just as much fun as he did!

The Gel Blasters are fun and engaging as long as you don’t mind getting stuck in there with your child or even better if you have two or more children. Then if they aren’t getting on you can give them these to blast each other and burn off some steam!

Rules of Dadding rating

Where to Buy....

Gel Blaster surge is available at Curry's at £59.95 they come with all items listed above but extra gellets are £6.99 for 10,000!



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