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BYO (Build Your Own) Pinball Machine Kit - Review

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Today we had the pleasure of building and reviewing The Pinball Machine from BYO (Build Your Own Kits) which is priced at £19.99

First of here is a little about the product from the company.


A planet-friendly take on the traditional arcade game, this super cool table top Pinball Machine provides hours of entertainment. Play alone or challenge your friends and family, who will win?

Load your swirly glass marbles into the spring-loaded launcher and let the game begin! Will your marbles whizz along the top ramp or spin around the vortex cone? Use the elastic-band powered flippers to keep your marbles in play for as long as possible and get the highest score! There are five targets to aim for in this fast-paced action-packed game.

Easy to assemble using slot together techniques – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss. Everything you need is provided in the kit – simply follow the instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, build and you’re ready to go!

A colourful bold and striking design, this innovative Pinball Machine looks smart on display too.

Our Pinball Machine is suitable for children 8 years+ but is best enjoyed as a family experience. You’ll have great fun building your Pinball Machine as a shared activity, then enjoy challenging each other to see who can score the most points.

Our Thoughts.

First of a disclaimer… we have had two other kits from BYO before starting with the Marble run and then the Pirate ship. So first off we will talk about this kit and then compare the three kits.

The packaging much like the product is bright, engaging, sustainable and eco-friendly. When you look at it you instantly want to dive straight into it. Our son was super excited about doing the pinball machine since we researched the company for our first review. (it’s the one he did his excited squeal for) So we were very happy when we received it… and, yes there was an excited squeal!

Now it’s important to point out our son’s restraint due to the fact we were going on holiday the day after it came through the letter box!

Two weeks passed and we were home on a quiet Sunday looking for something to do and then suddenly we remembered! Again, there was an excited squeal!!!

The kit was easy to build and all in all took an hour. It has easy to follow instructions and we only hit a stumbling block once, but we quickly solved the problem and were on our way again.

Big thumbs up for the play time afterwards. He spent a good 30 minutes before tea trying the get the most points that he could, and then after tea he was straight back to it again. We even as had competitions to see who could get the most points. Obviously youthful finger dexterity and eyesight helped a lot as our son won each round.

I must say this as well it is a sturdy kit, our boy is quite heavy handed and doesn’t take it easy on any of his toys and it survived very well. (with only one repair needed when he pulled the spring too far!)

Comparing it to the other two kits we have had

The only thing that we had a little discussion on was the fact that The Pirate ship kit let you design a little with the flags and pirates that you used. In the Pinball set – it is just what’s on the box. I will say this though this is by far the neatest kit we have had as far as the “no mess” claim on the box goes. There was very little, so it gets my seal of approval!

Overall Opinion

The Kit is the best one we have had. It fills an afternoon and is something the whole family can get involved in and have fun doing it, spending that much needed quality time together (especially now that schools are back)

A very good product overall and one that we would be happy to recommend to any of our friends, family or viewers.

Rules of Dadding rating:

4.5 stars!

If you want to purchase the BYO Pinball Machine, Click the button below.


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