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Tactic Games – Crime scene Moscow 1989 – A Review

A little from the company…

A body is found in the toilets of a dingy Moscow nightclub. Who is he and how did he end up here? Carry out an investigation in the crumbling ruins of Soviet power, consumed by corruption. Here, everyone is keeping secrets and telling lies, so keep your eyes open and your mind clear.

A crime has been committed and it is up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery. Crime Scene sets the players up at the scene of a horrendous crime. The players follow the story and act as the detectives to collect evidence, make connections and figure out who is behind it all!

Crime Scene is a concept that combines a detailed crime scene image, fascinating puzzles and a crime story written by author Arttu Tuominen.


1 Crime scene image

1 story booklet

Game Guide

64 cards


Myself and Ben played this game as it’s 18+ definitely something that would put us off buying as we are big escape room/ crime game nerds.

The game is easy to understand and playthrough with different levels of challenges to keep us entertained Ben is more logical when it comes to Crime investigations whereas I have a scattergun effect…have random thoughts about how to complete a puzzle and if it works then great! If not then I wait until the next random thought comes into play or I work off Ben’s logic.

Each challenge has hints that you can use but if you use a hint a reputation card is taken away. The reputation cards inevitably help you in the last phase of the game in making the right choice. Will you make it? There are 3 different choices and if you make the wrong one you have failed in your mission!

Luckily, we only used one hint, on a pesky mathematical puzzle (we both hate those ones) so we had all but one of our reputation cards to work with.

It took 1hr 45minutes which is good as the box states 2+ hours, we both felt fulfilled that we had a good time and our brains were put to the test with a victorious conclusion!

Good things

It stretched us mentally, and like I said the gameplay is varied for all the different approaches and levels of detectives that will play from novice to expert. The story based approach is great and it ties the case up, after all there’s nothing worse that doing all that work and ending on a cliff-hanger!

The presentation makes the playthrough easy. You know what to do straight away and you aren’t overwhelmed by mountains of paper or objects.

Not so good things

I only have two negatives

1) The game board which depicts the crime scene is a little dark, and sometimes I didn’t know whether I was looking at the right thing. People with eyesight issues may struggle.

2) I would like the answers to the puzzles somewhere. Hints to the puzzles are great but what happens if you don’t understand the hint? Heaven forbid you get halfway through and get stuck on one puzzle and the hint makes it no clearer. Luckily for us on the mathematical puzzle we managed to narrow it down to the correct answer after looking at the clue. But what happens if you couldn’t?

Overall opinion

At a price of £14.99 I would buy it! In fact, there are eight more Crime scene games set in different Locations available to buy right now!

2 hours of stretching the little grey cells with a story led Investigation is something we do all the time here at Rules of Dadding so these game will be on our list to purchase in the future.

Rules of Dadding Rating

Four stars!

You can purchase your copy of Crime Scene Moscow 1989 from The Range by clicking the picture below

Rules of Dadding would like to Thank Tactic Games for providing us with this copy of the game free of charge in exchange for our honest review and enjoyment.

Follow them on Instagram.


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