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"Are Simba Marvel Plush Toys Worth the Hype? A Comprehensive Review!"

Updated: Feb 21

When it comes to toys, teddies, posters, room décor there is nothing our son loves more than the Marvel Universe, his room is Blue and Red after Spiderman, and he has watched all of the marvel films with us there to shield him from any scary or unnerving bits as well as a large cushion!

We are massive Marvel geeks in our household I think you might be able to tell. If not now but by the end of the review, you probably will!

We are so very excited for the upcoming Marvels movie (in cinemas from 10th November) and includes Ms Marvel, Cpt Marvel, Binary and of course Nick Fury. Is it a Marvel film if it doesn’t have Nick Fury in, I mean the early days yes, but he first made his appearance in the extra credit piece at the end of Ironman!

That aside when we were asked to review the Simba Marvel Plush, we were absolutely thrilled, well I say we, what I mean to say was Mason was… we didn’t get a look in!

We received the Ghost spider plush or Spider Gwen as Mason called her. After all, in "Earth 65" it was Gwen that got bitten by the radioactive spider and not Peter Parker thus proving it really is a multiverse. We also got the original Spiderman peter parker plush.

The marvel soft toys are extremely soft and cuddly and have taken pride of place on our son’s bed, and they are extra cool at night as they have glow in the dark eyes.

They are 25cm in length and are very easy to pose which is perfect for cuddling or battling between themselves of which we had lots of fun running round the house shooting the “webs” and trying to defeat one another. Yes, I know in the universe they are friends (or maybe a little bit more) but you have to go with your child’s imagination!

I can already see loads of children being excited to receive one or all of these in their stocking or as a main Christmas present. I know Mason added Miles Morales Plush to complete the set to his list!

The Simba Marvel Plush are available on Amazon and cost around £13.99

Click the links below to buy now!

Whilst you're here... Why not watch the trailer for the new Marvels Film!


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