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"Exploring the Enchanting Secrets of Forbidden Corner: A Family Adventure Review"

Updated: Mar 6

Have you ever wanted a true adventure?

Are you one of those people who like to be impressed?

Have you ever wanted to revisit your childhood by running round like a mad man?

Forbidden Corner is exactly that. Nestled in the Yorkshire Dales at Tupgill Park is a not-so-secret land of mystery, intrigue, fun and adventure. A labyrinth of different strange artefacts and destinations await.


Forbidden corner was originally a private folly owned by Mr C. R. Armstrong CMG O.B.E which started as a simple idea to build a bower to enjoy the views over the Coverdale Valley.

Story goes that this then materialised with what they have today, which is nothing short of amazing...

Our Day and our thoughts

We had been told about Forbidden Corner by a group of friends, as we were looking for something exciting to do over the half term, but also something a little different after all there is only so many times you can go to the mainstream attractions like Pleasure Beach, swimming, and adventuring around an ancient ruin until it seems a little samey!

So after extraordinarily little research we decided to take the plunge and book the tickets which came to £38.50 for the three of us. We set off on our trek which took us around about 1hr 35min (this is around our limit on day trips, as the little one gets grumpy!)

As soon as we pulled up the drive Monkey let out a scream of excitement, there in front of us as we drove up the drive was a giant fire breathing dragon!!! Now if that isn't an instant "Wow" I don't know what is!

You enter through the gift shop and cafe which is very reasonably priced although there is a picnic area nestled in the forest if you would prefer (watch out for the cheeky ducks)

Once you enter you are greeted by some very friendly staff and are given a check sheet, don't be fooled this isn't the type of place that gives you a handy map. After this you are confronted with a huge Greenman carving which directs you to the start of the labyrinth. You enter through the mouth of the surrounding walls, and no that isn't a figure of speech, it is a giant mouth!

Now at this point I don't want to say much about what lies in wait for you...

I just wouldn't want to ruin the surprise but I will tell you that this Monkey declared it

“The best day ever!”

We have to agree we enjoyed it immensely!

How much time does it take?

We spent around four hours there. If you are going in the morning and take a picnic with you/ eat at the café then it could easily be a full day, and you know what time just flew by!


We have now been twice, and it hasn’t disappointed us once. The added bonus is that there is no signal whatsoever, so you get to enjoy the day and be 100% present. Not only will you enjoy it, but you get to know very quickly everyone there enjoys it, adults and children alike.

Rules of Dadding rating:

For more information please head on over to Forbidden Corner's official site


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