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Is AIR UP the Future of Sustainable Hydration? A Review

Updated: Feb 22

First of all, let me tell you neither myself or Ben (Dadda or Dad) are the type of people to go with fads and trends. We like what we like, and we shop around for the best price. Something shouldn’t need to be designer to be good.

So, when our son asked for an air-up bottle we automatically said no with bottles ranging from £29.99 all the way up to £59.99 and the pods that come with it ranging from £4.99 - £7.99 it seemed like a waste of money.

Trouble is our son, like a lot of sons and daughters out there refuses to drink water. We’ve tried all sorts and to be honest I get his point it just doesn’t taste as nice as juice!

The thing is after a trip to the dentist and even though our son brushes his teeth very well twice a day, we were told his teeth had signs of decay due to the amount of juice he drinks. So, we had a think, and we came to this conclusion, let’s try the Air up bottle and see if we can get our son loving the taste of water, if it does then the cost of the pods and the bottle is comparable to a bottle of juice or a can of pop.

A pack of pods can cost up to £7.99, each pod lasts for 7 days which works out at 38p a day. Mason goes through a bottle of dilutable juice a week and a Capri sun each day in his packed lunch both of these are £2.50 each (for a bottle or pack) which equates to 71p a day. So, we save 33p a day which in a year comes in at a massive £110! And even better if Mason likes the cheaper pods.

I mean it was hard not argue as long as it works….

The Bottle

We went with the larger metal bottle called Moon, after all Mason is 9 and the amount of times I’ve had a mad dash to Asda to pick up a new bottle as he has broken his plastic bottle is unreal. We thought with a metal bottle it is definitely going to last longer.

It’s sleek and has a great design, room enough for a name sticker, so he can quickly identify that has his.

We also went with different flavour pods Kola, Lemon and Orangeade. When you purchase the bottle, you get a free mystery pack of pods but as this was a trial by fire, I purchased pods so that I could be assured Mason would like the flavour.

The bottle itself is easy to set up, simply take a pod attach it to the bottle fill it up and away you go.

How it works from the company…

Retronasal - the science behind

The thing about taste is that around 80%* of what we perceive as flavour is actually derived from what we’re smelling.

Many people assume that taste is entirely achieved through our tongues and taste buds. But, in reality, the tongue is only partially responsible for a portion of the flavour experience.

So, with air up®️ you're drinking just water and experiencing flavour through scent.

  • Pull up your pod to experience a world of flavour.‹

  • Push the pod down to deactivate and stop the flavour.

  • Still or sparkling, the choice is yours.

  • Hold the bottle upright while sipping for maximum flavour intensity.

Our thoughts

Mason was so excited when his bottle came immediately, he asked if we could set it up and he could have a taste. Never before has he been so excited to drink water!

So obviously with this excitement the answer was a resounding “yes”.

I am shooketh!!! It actually works. He had the Kola pod and he immediately let out a “oh my god, it taste like Kola!“

We have been using just the air up bottle now for a little over a week. The pod is still going strong, and he has not asked for any other drinks.

As a parent this makes us so happy! The thought of going back to the dentist and him being happy that Mason has stopped drinking juice, the thought of saving £110 a year on juice is just amazing!

Would we recommend it? Yes absolutely 100% … I’m actually thinking of getting myself one.

Discount Code

Want to try it for yourselves, here’s 20% off just for you!

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