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Navigating the Zones of Regulation: How to Help Your Child Manage Colourful Chaos

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Hey there, fellow parent superheroes! Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride through the vibrant world of child emotions?

Buckle up, because we're diving into the fantastic universe of the Zones of Regulation, sprinkled with a generous dose of humour and a pinch of parental sanity-saving techniques.

Picture this: your little munchkin is bouncing off the walls, oscillating between Hulk-level rage and unicorn-like euphoria faster than you can say "calm down." Yep, welcome to the wonderful world of childhood emotions, where the rollercoaster never stops, and the snacks are a lifeline.

But fear not, brave parents, for we wield the mighty power of the Zones of Regulation! For those not yet initiated into this magical realm, think of it as a rainbow-colored roadmap guiding our mini-me’s through the maze of emotions.

zones of regulation

We've got the Green Zone (calm and focused), Yellow Zone (excited or anxious), Red Zone (angry or terrified), and Blue Zone (sad or tired). It's like the traffic light of feelings, except with more glitter!

Now, let's talk strategy. When your little tornado of emotions starts spinning out of control, it's time to whip out those superhero capes (or just take a deep breath, whichever feels more accessible). Here are some tried-and-tested techniques to help your child regulate and self-soothe like a pro:

  1. The Magical Power of Deep Breaths: Ah, the timeless classic. Encourage your kiddo to take deep breaths like they're blowing out birthday candles on the world's most massive cake. Bonus points for making funny noises while exhaling – it's like a mini yoga session with added giggles. If this doesn’t work or is a little too distracting square breathing is equally as calming, heck any type of breathing is beneficial!

2. Sensory Play to the Rescue: Dive into the world of sensory activities like a fearless explorer. Whether it's squishing playdough, jumping on a trampoline, or wrapping themselves in a cozy blanket burrito, sensory play can work wonders in calming those stormy seas of emotions. We write numbers and letters on each other’s back not only is the touch aiding their senses but it’s a fun guessing game as well.

3. Dance Party! : Crank up the tunes and bust out your best dance moves! Nothing diffuses tension quite like an impromptu dance party in the living room. Especially when dads join in, and don’t worry bad dancing gets a thumbs up, it's an excellent opportunity to embarrass your kids with your questionable rhythm – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

4. Emotion guessing game: Put those acting skills to clever use and play a round of emotion charades. Can your child guess whether you're feeling like a grumpy bear or a jubilant puppy? Not only is it a fun game, but it also helps them recognize and understand different emotions.

5. Create a Calm Down area: Transform a quiet corner of your home into a relaxing oasis, complete with fluffy pillows, calming lights, and maybe a few favourite toys or books. It's the perfect retreat for when the emotional rollercoaster gets a little too wild, and they want to get off. It’s also a great hiding spot for parents to have a nap!

6. Name and recognise emotions: naming emotions can be tricky and yes you will get it wrong , but identifying the emotion for your child can be a significant help “I can see you are sad, maybe, it’s because you couldn’t play with your favourite toy. I wonder if we can find another toy, you’d be happy to play with”

Yes, you have to talk about your feelings, and you may not be keen, but if you don’t do it then what hope has your little one got?! Use the zones of regulations to help your child recognise how they are feeling and talk about how that made you feel it.


Remember, fellow adventurers in the wilderness of parenthood, navigating the Zones of Regulation is a journey filled with twists, turns, and the occasional detour into the land of meltdowns. But armed with patience, humour, and a hefty supply of chocolate (for emergency parental use, of course), we can guide our little ones through even the stormiest of emotional seas.

So, here's to embracing the chaos, finding laughter in the madness, and celebrating every tiny victory along the way. Together, we've got this – one deep breath and silly dance move at a time.

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