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A great day out! - BeWILDerwood, Cheshire

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

We went to BeWILDerwood in Cheshire! Let us share our journey with you to the magical enchanted place!

A description from the place itself

BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a huge woodland full of family fun, imagination, and outdoor adventure!

Based on the magical and enchanting books by author and creator Tom Blofeld, a day at BeWILDerwood means endless hours spent together, exploring our wonky world of treehouses, whizzing down super slides, swinging together on giant swings, and zipping along extra-long zip wires, as well as joining in with our storytelling and creative crafts amongst other things!

Create memories, get outdoors, and PLAY together! We rarely see grown-ups sitting on the side-lines here at BeWILDerwood as adults play too! So, get ready to run WILD. And don’t forget to look out for Boggles and Twiggles too!

Our Day and our Thoughts

Have you ever read the books by Tom Blofeld? If you haven’t, we recommend them they are filled with adventure and discovery! If not no problem, you will fall in love with the characters and the story whilst you are adventuring!

We arrived early! We always find for things like this an early start is best… however, we may have arrived a little too early as we were the only ones in the car park but, never mind, you live and learn. We weren’t alone for long though as cars quickly started to appear in groups!

Upon entering you are greeted by the staff in such a friendly, welcoming manner, in fact special mention goes to the car park attendant who was dancing and directing cars so well that it had the whole family laughing!

You are given a map and a challenge to spell out a word that Boggles love to do. All these words are hidden across the vast woodland and are easy to spot so never fear even the youngest child can join in!

Then the adventure began. You are not directed in any particular way, your completely left to your own devices which is brilliant. Now don’t get me wrong we are all for plotting our plan of attack and we are used to doing that for theme parks but today felt free and more whimsical that we decided just to go and discover!

You enter the forest and there are brightly coloured houses in trees and in the grass. Everywhere you look there is something that catches your eye. We got to the slippery slopes first.

Disclaimer: although BeWILDerwood is basically a large outdoor play park, it isn’t just for kids! We as adults were actively encouraged to throw away all that adultness and join in.

Boy did we have fun! There is nothing that the kids can do that the adults can’t. swinging, sliding, climbing, and even crafting!

Each section has different things, our personal favourite was Slippery Slopes and the Mish Mash Maze.

We enjoyed the other elements as well. The craft was fun and in keeping with the overall theme and there wasn’t an adult or child that I saw that didn’t have brightly coloured leaves or flowers face painted on their faces. (also free to visitors) The performances on the storytelling stage were fun and the interactive elements meant that even the youngest of children were captivated.

You can take a packed lunch or picnic with you and there are plenty of spaces to sit and eat that somehow managed to keep the wasps completely away. But if like us, you always just grab snacks on the fly there are two food establishments on site which offer locally sourced food and reasonable-ish prices well, maybe not for the sweet things!

We spent all day at BeWILDerwood, and we didn’t feel like we missed anything out. Sometimes places got a little full and queue times for slides were a little longer than our 8-year-old could tolerate. But overall, we felt £58 for the whole family (of 3) was worthwhile. We are comparing this to places like Legoland. Where you pay £70 and only get to go on 10 rides max in a day.

Monkey’s thoughts.

This was the end of a week’s holiday and we had done so many fun things, but Monkey said it was one of his highlights. He would love to go again and, as a matter of fact us adults would too!

Our Snaps!

Rules Of Dadding Rating:

5/5 Stars!



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